About Proud Cactus

Proud Cactus is not an agency and we are a local business based in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.

Yvonne Chong
Owner and Digital Marketing Specialist

Having managed countless SEO agencies over a 5-year stint as a marketing manager in a company I worked for, I was really frustrated by the lack of clarity and communication by the SEO representatives. I found that we paid ludicrous amounts of money to the agency without any tangible results. We changed SEO companies multiple times but it was always the same old story.

I took the initiative to perform in-house SEO for the company instead and while I was doing SEO full time, I provided consulting services to some of my peers in other businesses who wanted to improve their online presence. Fired by a passion for SEO, Google Ads and everything under the digital marketing umbrella, I am constantly reading up on Google news and testing out new SEO strategies to work with Google’s new algorithms.

Eventually, by word of mouth, I found myself working on multiple business accounts and this marked the beginning of Proud Cactus.

You can reach me directly at yvonne@proudcactus.com.

Amy Tan
Copywriter and Content Specialist

With over 15 years of experience, I am skilled across the board in writing for websites, brochures, EDMs, multi-channel campaigns and SEO blogs. I have worked for large advertising agencies such as BBDO and DraftFCB, and organisations such as Monash University and UNICEF.

What I find most rewarding however is seeing our small business clients grow. Using the latest digital marketing strategies, I am passionate about creating content that resonates with your audience, builds relationships – and gets your page seen on Google.

You can reach me directly at amy@proudcactus.com