Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing go in tandem. Google favours websites that meet the user intent and well-designed content attracts users to stay longer on your website which is also one of the key factors in SEO.  Content must be created to address the wider audience, as it is shown that sixty-nine percent of American and European internet users are “spectators” – people who consume but don’t create online and digital media. We are talking about millions of online users.

There are plenty of free platforms and content creation software – for example, Twitter were the first to breakthrough old-fashioned, data-reporting content and now, we have the social media platforms – Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and Facebook which enable all users to be creators online. 

It is easy to get your content online but it takes research, time and experience to create something which brings massive brand awareness to your business and only if it is done correctly.

With over 15 years of experience in creating content for clients, we are able to design a targeted content plan, which will complement your existing marketing strategies.

Here are some excerpts from our work:

Article on sun safety for a client that sells UV protective clothes.
Destination article for a property client

It is important to note the our work includes relevant SEO keywords and Google guideline formatting to increase your visibility on Google search engine. All articles are original, informative to your targeted readers and created with verified sources.

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