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What is a website audit (Do I need one?)

You have a website. You’re getting some enquiries. But how do you know how well your website is really performing?

A website audit can tell you exactly how many people are visiting your website per day, where they are coming from, what words they searched to get there and a whole lot more.

Technically, a website audit is a review of your web pages and is usually done before a full search engine optimisation (SEO) or web refresh. But really, it can be done anytime you wish to find out how your site is performing.

If you haven’t done a website audit before, it’s a good idea to ‘check-in’ – get an overview of your website health and identify areas for improvement.

What is included in a website audit?

At Proud Cactus, our free website audit is customised for each client and will focus on the areas you want us to cover. But in general, our website audit will analyse the following:

1. User experience

We will review the overall structure of your website and see if it is easy for users to navigate, digest content, and ultimately, take action. This will include an analysis of your:

2. SEO audit

We will look for opportunities to make your site friendlier to search engines. If you have done some SEO work before, we will review the procedures to make sure you are not liable for any penalties from Google. Our SEO audit includes:

3. Page loading speed

The average recommended page loading speed for 2020 is under 2 seconds. The latest Google stats suggest that if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, 53% of users will abandon the page. Also, bounce rates increase dramatically with every extra second users have to wait.

4. Mobile responsiveness

Most transactions and online activity are done over the phone than on any other mobile device, and the numbers are only going to get higher. You want to make sure your website works on phones – and all devices, really.

5. Site security

It is important to show users that your site is safe. If users get a direct notification that your site isn’t secure, they will leave right away. In terms of SEO, Google may blacklist you if your site doesn’t adhere to best practice security standards.

Ready to get your website checked?

A website audit is the first step towards improving your web performance and ultimately, growing your business. Book your free website audit now and we will get in touch to discuss what you’d like to cover. You will receive a full report on how your site is doing and suggestions on how to improve. For more information, drop us a line or give us a call.

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