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SEO Case Study

How We Built Web Presence For Radicool Australia

When Radicool Australia came to us, they had barely any presence online.  Find out how we increased their Google organic keyword ranking by 383% and boosted their website sales.

The Challenge

As the retail market shifted online, Radicool knew they could no longer rely on their offline sales network to survive. The trouble was, people were not buying from the Radicool website. After performing a site audit, we discovered two main challenges:

Radicool was not appearing in Google searches

Customers were having issues purchasing online

The Solution

Together with Radicool, we decided that the best way forward was to create a new website – a more modern and user-friendly Radicool site that would uplift the brand and at the same time create a more seamless shopping experience.  Applying SEO strategies specifically tailored to the Radicool audience, we came up with a comprehensive digital marketing solution that would firmly position Radicool in the online marketplace.

The Radicool Roadmap To Success

We pieced together these digital marketing strategies for Radicool:

  • New SEO optimised website
  • Google Ads campaign set up and management
  • Set up of email automation
  • Set up of analytics to collect customer data
  • Applying SEO techniques to boost visibility and sales

The Result

Within six months of the new website launch, Radicool saw a tremendous increase in organic keyword rankings and website visits, which in turn translated to a 128% boost in sales.
  • 383% increase in organic keyword ranking
  • 201% increase in organic website visitors
  • 128% increase in website purchases

We also applied the international SEO strategy to attract overseas buyers. For the first time ever, Radicool was getting buyers from US, UK, Europe, New Zealand and Canada.

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