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Google is an ever-changing search engine and we are constantly learning while applying new SEO and digital marketing techniques to get the best possible outcome for our clients. Albeit challenging, we enjoy our work and we would like to share our knowledge, new or old, in our blog posts.

If you are thinking of doing SEO by yourself, these guides will help you to apply SEO techniques to your website without technical or coding experience. It’s simple and when you’re done with all these SEO techniques, sit back and watch the positive impact of your work on your Google ranks.

So the next time you ask this question – ‘Can I do SEO myself?’ The answer is YES!

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” – Henry Ford

Colour Psychology And How To Use It To Make Your Brand Or Product Attractive

I was working on a client’s website design when I thought about writing this article on colour perception in psychology. This is an important consideration when you design your website or create your brand. You can make your product appealing or instil user confidence on your brand by using the right colour and its combinations.

Transforming And Adapting Your Marketing Strategy For Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are only a month away to the end of financial year and it has been a wild ride for everyone, especially in Australia – we were, quite literally, on fire during summer and triumphantly survived the disaster. Then the worldwide COVID19 pandemic hit our shores and are slowly recovering from it. All these happened within the last 2 quarters of 2019 financial year and the question is – how can we justify all our marketing expenses and how do we move forward from here?

How To Do SEO [2020] Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

In this second part of our How To Do SEO series, we would like to highlight the importance of title tags and meta descriptions when you perform search engine optimisation on your website. This is the most basic SEO that you can do by yourself and all you need is a good selection of keywords which best describe your business or product that you wish to sell to the public.

How To Do SEO [2020] Alt Text Images

Adding images to content helps in bringing value to text articles or blogs and highlights the key message to your readers. Selecting the right photos bring your article to life and it can also help with improving your website’s ranking on Google – all you need to do is to add a very simple description to your website’s image alt-texts.